Thursday, June 7, 2012

Off to Stanford!!

"Summer's almost here, flowers are blooming, warm breeze is in the air" - Nick Kier

Hey guys! My name is Navi and in two months, I'll be off to Stanford University (yes, THE Stanford University!) for a 2-week Leadership Academy Summer Program. This is my first time to USA and I am as excited as a porcupine meeting a pineapple. :D

What attracted me to this program was the variety in its core curriculum : Economics, international business and personal finance to environmental studies. Visiting university experts and outside experts will be challenging us with a new and exciting global issue everyday! Every single course in this program is about something that I love and I'm passionate about. I cannot wait to start!!

There are many other things, too, that I am looking forward to learning and experiencing this summer : university life, living in a dorm with a roomie (eeeekkk!!), experiencing the world-famous Californian beaches, seeing Palo Alto and San Francisco, meeting new people and getting to know them etc.

I will be posting more info on what we will be doing and what we can expect in the next two months. And when the program is underway, I'll be sharing pictures and videos too!! So, stay tuned!! Lots more to come!

Over and out.  

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